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conga line of consciousness

A Conga Line of forty great minds who support the idea that the reason runway as an essential lift off point to metaphysics and an inner-teacher who promotes personal lift off. 

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Conga Line of Consciousness book-cover
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The story of a reluctant modern apostle addressing the current philosophical nexus with a new leap of faith unwittingly forged out of the unquestioned answers of religion and the unanswered questions of science.

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In this private history, you're inside the melting pot with multiple selves stewing over the embers of the Great Depression, World War II, the Cold War, and the birth of the Information Age.  In Boston's Little Italy, Franciscans and bluestocking social workers take the kid from the street gang to the Ivy League; mentors move the young man through Hollywood, Synanon, Actors Studio, practicing criminal law in Manhattan, to award-winning writing in Hollywood. He comes to know Lee Strasberg, Frank Sinatra, Richard Feynman, Buckminster Fuller, Angus Campbell, Eisenhower, Kennedy, Gorbachev, but then the information age breeze takes him on yet another course. Pictometry makes him rich; Altametry makes him poor; but technology and jazz keep him going; suffering makes him philosophize.

The final chapter, "Light at the End of the Tunnel," begins the quest for a new scientific spiritualism that continues in the epilogue with novel insights on consciousness and other related topics.

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The Blink of An I
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This is the manifesto for a new leap of faith to scientific spiritualism.

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Collected Poems

This book is a collection of poems by John A. Ciampa.
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Collected Poems
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Castle of Consciousness

This book maps mental processes, such as perception, ideation from classical philosophy, modern cognitive science, and neuroscience—freeing up consciousness from the rigors of material science and exploring connections to supernatural consciousness.

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Castle of Consciousness
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Communication: The Living End

An early work that establishes communication as a reason for being and establishes a taxonomy of human communication forms.

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Communication: The Living End


John A. Ciampa is an award-winning playwright, poet, and screenwriter. He is also a lawyer, professor emeritus, inventor, and the CEO of the aerial imaging companies Pictometry and Altametry. He received his education at Boston University, the University of Michigan, and Cornell. Today, he has more than 65 years of experience in an impressive range of fields.

John is the founder and original patent holder of Pictometry, Landisc, and Electronic Property Info Corp. As founder of the American Video Institute, he has worked at Columbia University, MIT, and NYU, where he pioneered the integration of media and computer technology from the very beginning. As the holder of seminal patents in computing, imaging, and geographic information, Ciampa continues to break new ground with ALTA — an autonomous, lighter than air platform that floats unobtrusively and transmits the highest resolution, oblique, georeferenced imagery and air quality information to the internet with no carbon footprint at the lowest cost.

Back Cover Of The Blink of An I
  • Founder/CEO, Altametry, Coral Gables, Florida — 2011 - Present
    Invented the process; hired the development team; supervised development; raised capital; formed partnerships.
  • Founder/CEO, Pictometry International Corp. — 1995 - 1999
    Invented the process of capture and georeferencing of oblique aerial imagery; hired initial team, some of whom still work with the company; founded the original Pictometry Inc; oversaw the acquisition by Pictometry International; remains a shareholder.
  • Professor, Rochester Institute of Technology — 1983 - 2000
    Director of the American Video Institute funded by Apple and DEC. This group pioneered the use of still and moving images in computer applications in geographic systems.


Method & Apparatus for Mapping & Measuring Land-Pictometry

United States 5,247,356 - Issued September 21, 1993

  1. 8,401,222 - System and process for roof measurement using aerial imagery.
  2. 8,385,672 - System for detecting image abnormalities.
  3. 7,995,799 - Method and apparatus for capturing geolocating and measuring oblique images.
  4. 7,991,226 - System and process for color-balancing a series of oblique images.
  5. 7,873,238 - Mosaic oblique images and methods of making and using same.
  6. 7,787,659 - Method and apparatus.

Method & Apparatus for Storing a Massive Inventory of Labeled Images

United States 4,635,136 - Issued January 6, 1987
Landisc - The beginning of digital referencing and plotting of land images.

Lighter Than Air Systems, Methods, & Kits for Aerial Image Capture

United States 8,505,847 - Issued December 18, 2012

Autonomous Lighter Than Air Platform

United States 8,505,847,B@ - Issued

Lighter Than Air Systems, Methods, & Kits for Obtaining Aerial Images

United States 9,126,669 B2 - Issued September 6, 2015